Causes of vandalism essay

causes of vandalism essay

custom essay? This example karma in buddhism essay Vandalism Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only. Students should be taught to be responsible and to care for the community. Ask our professional writer! Some youth believe that public property belongs to no one, rather than to everyone.

The things that are damaged include street signs, benches and litter bins. Vandalism is a crime. The places that are usually vandalized are public buildings, schools, parks and stations like the railway stations and bus stations. They disregard the law and do not care about the community at all. Therefore, some scholars question the validity of vandalism as a crime and focus on the social construction of vandalism as criminality. The government is trying hard to stop vandalism. 3042 or Anti-Vandalism Act of 2009: Any person who shall commit any of the aforementioned acts of show more content, some are just motivated to commit vandalism because of boredom.

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