Spell out numbers in research paper

spell out numbers in research paper

title, or heading. Many authors choose to use numerals for large numbers (say, those over 10) but words for small numbers. However, you should use the word and to indicate or express decimal points. This distinction is not based on grammar, but rather the conventions of academic writing in English. When writing for publication, try to use spelled-out numbers at the beginning of a sentence in place of numerals.

Using Numbers in Scientific Manuscripts AJE American Journal

spell out numbers in research paper

Do I spell out numbers in an APA paper? Numbers in Writing: Guidelines for Life Sciences and Medicine (Part How To Write Out Numbers in English Properly - A Research Guide

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Use words for approximations of numbers of days, months, and years (e.g., about three months ago (. Use numerals for dates, time of day, pages, figures, and notes:.m. Instead, APA Style increases readability by using a combination of words and numbers to express back-to-back numbers. M has an excellent blog article on how to best write the date. In addition, spell out round numbers of any size and use arabic numerals followed by the terms million and billion to express numbers larger than one million. Correct: Participants evaluated one anothers maze performance. For example, two thousand four hundred and two. The topic of writing numbers in English can be a complex one, and as we discussed early, there are multiple view points on what is correct and what is passable, there are several exceptions and really no consistency amongst written write an argumentative essay online activities work found in blogs, books. Comments (13 add a public comment to this FAQ Entry. The key is to remember to be consistent. Also, do not mix the use of a decimal point (0.12) with a decimal comma (0,12). For more information, see the, publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Use numerals to express:.
Numbers 10 and above examples: 12 year s old, the 57th trial, 12 cm wide.
Numbers that precede a unit.

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