Improve education system in pakistan essay

improve education system in pakistan essay

@ChildtoChild Read the full Q A here. Education has become an expense then of a way to achievement due to cost of education. However, the quality of education that these institutions offer has dropped significantly. What are the factors behind this approach? Ministry of education can improve the syllabus from Urdu to English medium and teachers should be hire on the merit level after a proper training. Amjad Noorani, education activist (Pakistan The Citizens Foundation, San Francisco, USA @amjadtcfusa @tcfpak, mobilise parents: For girls, parents are the biggest impediment to their education. The number of students decreases as one surveys from school level to university level. Corruption has engulfed this department of government as it has others. Today education of good quality is only accessible to the elite class. We can have a proper education system if government gets serious for progress of education.

Impro ve standard of faculty Conclusion Essay: Education plays an important role towards. Due to the problems in education system of Pakistan, the country. Undp report 2014 suggests that there has been an improvement. Similarly as the government has failed to improve public sector education that is why the private sector has over dominated the education system of Pakistan.

A proper system for distribution of funds and monitoring of that distribution is the need of time. Proper teacher training programs and workshops should be arranged for teachers. Private educational is system is much popular in Pakistan that private school enroll phd thesis on study habits in the philippines about 31-1 of students at basic level. Dubash holds a PhD in educational psychology and has taught in Pakistan and overseas for more than three decades. Len urban areas the ratio is a bait more high where 51 are enrolled in private institutions and 49 enroll in public sector education intuitionist.

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