Essay on india's demographic dividend

essay on india's demographic dividend

all kinds of colleges, building Indias prowess in IT products would require significant focus and investment writing essay scholarships in training and evaluating students in core technology, Himanshu Aggarwal, CEO of Aspiring Minds said in the report. In the.S., 87 of the education providers answered the question, Are graduates adequately prepared? But this repair pipeline will run dry if the prepare pipeline, by way of education reforms, is not fixed. The first is in finding jobs for all these people. And the sheer process of bringing in any change in the curriculum is so tedious that it simply gets bogged down, says Modi. Conclusion: It is imperative that policy-makers deal with the situation on multiple fronts. The government of India had launched an initiative called Skill India to equip millions of people with basic blue collar skills. The future is bright if Indians skill themselves to suit the future demand for jobs both domestic and abroad. Subramanian called the scenario an unavoidable and inevitable consequence of Indias precocious model of development.

The Concept of the Demographic Dividend in India - Geography and

essay on india's demographic dividend

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There is a clear and measurable distinction between the talent required to develop IT products vis-à-vis typical IT services talent. What we are all focusing on right now in terms of feminist term paper employability is only the repair part. Another appalling concern is that a significant proportion of qualified women drop out of the workforce for reasons ranging from no suitable jobs in the localityparticularly in rural areasto family responsibilities and marriage. Chinas working-age ratio will peak in 2013 and then decline by a substantial amount in the next few decades. Ramadorai, vice-chairman of Tata Consultancy Services and an advisor to the Prime Minister for the National Council of Skill Development. The more one thinks about it, the more difficult it is to see how India will be able to reap the benefits of a demographic dividend. Also, an alarming aspect of the current employment situation is that a large proportion of employees are not in a very happy situation.

This failure of India on the population front and success of other countries now t urning into an opportunity for India, often termed as demographic dividend.
This means an increase in the working-age ratio and a demogra phic dividend.
But, as a recent panel discussion held at the University.
India is in early phase of its demographic dividend.

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