Essay precautions to take during the haze

essay precautions to take during the haze

effects from haze exposure. Avoid Smoking, on top of all the toxins present in the hazy air, the last thing you want to do is to further irritate your lungs with cigarette smoke. Stay indoors and reduce physical activities. Portable air purifiers can be used to further reduce the indoor particle level. An appropriate respiratory mask to combat the haze would be the N95 mask, which is designed to filter airborne particles and protect wearers from inhaling the haze particles. Avoid prolonged or strenuous outdoor physical exertion (Very Unhealthy avoid prolonged or strenuous outdoor physical exertion. Minimise outdoor activity, avoid outdoor activity 300 (Hazardous) Minimise outdoor activity Avoid outdoor activity Avoid outdoor activity Definition Prolonged continuous exposure for several hours Strenuous involving a lot of energy or effort Reduce do less Minimise do as little as possible Avoid do not. The National Environment Agency (NEA) publishes two types of readings: SI Reading, use this.

See a doctor if need. Protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Heres a guide: If you. Avoid smoking during this period as it will make your lungs even more sensitive to the effects of air pollutants. Open-field burning of rice straw by the rice planters and open burning of dried leaves and garbage done by the public are a few examples that done by Malaysian. Although the general advice to the public when the forecasted air quality is good or moderate (PSI100) is to maintain normal activities, vulnerable persons, especially those with chronic heart and lung conditions who develop symptoms or feel unwell should seek medical attention promptly. Do adhere to the MOH haze health advisory.

In Singapore, we may experience haze, particularly during the Southwest Monsoon Season (June - September). Try to stay indoors as much as possible and shut the windows. Fitness, haze haze singapore health, human Body, respiratory Problems wellness. Fans or air-conditioners may be used for air circulation and cooling. Those who have pre-existing chronic heart or lung conditions, or who are not feeling well, should avoid going outdoors. Make decisions on immediate activities, such first generation research papers as going for an outdoor run. Many are ignorant of the health effects of open burning. Cut back on contacts. They must participate in every campaign and stop burning. Each individuals reaction to pollutants may vary, and the amount of physical activity or exertion that can be performed differs according to your health status or physical capacity.

Singapore is not affected by the haze throughout the year. The government should also raise the public awareness of the dangers of forest fire.

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