Organic food research paper pdf

organic food research paper pdf

other agricultural products, brought the connection between. he world has seen what pesticides can do to the human body. 0n organic food diet greatly reduces a person s exposure to pesticides and the riss that come with this exposure. Armers add chemicals such as hormones and pesticides to nonorganic meat and produce that can cause harm to thehuman body. While organic farmers allow their cattle and poultry to gra/e freely on the land while nonorganic farmers mistreat their animals eep them in confined spaces. 0dditionally, there was a study conducted by a ;C Berley researcher that determined a relationship between parental exposure to pesticides and lower scores in children. 0lthough the pesticides result in a higher crop surial rate, and, therefore, a higher food production, pesticides can potentially cause birth defects and diseases. 0ll of these chemicals are certainly not beneficial to humans. 0dditionally, before grocery products are placed on store sheles, chemical addities suchas artificial flaoring and preseraties are added.

#rganic food simply cleanses the body of these harmful pesticides. 2et, thousands of produce companies sell their pesticideridden products to millions of consumers. 3ince organic food does not contain any of these chemicals found in conentional food, it is certainly the better choice.4esticides are the chemicals that are added to nonorganic crops in order to ward off insects or other harmful organisms. 0lthough researchers hae not conducted long term studies depicting the health benefits of organic food as opposed to nonorganic food, the chemicals spea for themseles. The hypothesis might be that organic food increases the capacity of living. And an organic orange (besides the fact that the organic orange is a bit more expe nsive)? Organic food is produced the way that nature intended. It would have to be a dagger, of course, a poetical blade, and not an ordinary serrated kitchen knife." Marius Kociejowski PN Review "Mostly what awaits the poet is posthumous oblivion.

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