George orwell 1984 thesis statements

george orwell 1984 thesis statements

Hes the one torturing Winston, but it comes from a place of caring. He ends up tricking Winston into admitting his disdain for the Party, which is a pretty big deal. . With a strong thesis and detailed outline, you can keep your momentum going until you wrap up your essay. The more time you spend on your outline now, the less time youll spend worrying about the details later. There are tons of scary storiesones argumentative essay generator filled with ghosts or vampires or zombies. In 1984, many people believed that whatever their government said was true despite any common sense that would have told them it was not. Terror, then, is the Party's primary means of dehumanization. Thats how the Party controls people.

Does he really prescribe to doublethink, or does he just put up the facade to avoid being tortured like Winston? They owned all the land, all the houses, all the. What ends up happening is that you either start summarizing instead of analyzing, or you just dont have the time or the page count to fully flesh out your ideas. Youre thinking too big. Controlling what words people use: In the novel, the Party controls what people are and arent allowed to say, even in the privacy of their own homes.

Now get to writing! You could also concentrate on a literary device like symbolism. OBrien is part of the Partys innermost circlehe has power. When writing a thesis statement, you want to be directtake a firm stance, and explain exactly what youll be writing about in the body of your essay.

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Through forcing Winston and Julia to confront their deepest fears, the Party erodes all traces of personal loyalty and love, replacing them with total submission. It also alludes to how OBrien realized that being powerful meant being obedient. As with any other character, you have to analyze, oBrieninstead of just telling the reader what he did in the story. But how can you focus your 1984 analysis essay on OBrien? Room 101 is, perhaps, the best example of how the Party achieves this. The Party bans words related to rebellion because, if there are no words for something, people cant talk about it or spread ideas about. Theyll help you with more than just spelling and grammartheyll make sure you have a strong thesis and supporting details. As the reader later discovers, OBrien is actually a hardcore member of the Party.

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