Locke essay on toleration

locke essay on toleration

one who is not prejudiced in Favour. Should prescribe a form Edition: current; Page: 136 to any or all of the differing churches in their way of worship. Tis true he may forbid such things as may tend to the disturbance of the peace of the commonwealth to be done by any of his people, whether they esteem them civil or religious. If your Church can find no better way to cure Ignorance and Prejudice, and the Negligence, that is in Men, to examine Matters of Religion and heartily Imbrace the true, than what is impracticable upon Conformists, then of all others, Conformists are in the most. How near soever therefore, the True Religion was to be extinguishd within a few Generations after the Flood, (which whether more in danger then, than in most Ages since, is more than you can shew). This no body doubts. Let us now consider what is the Magistrates Duty in the Business of Toleration; which certainly is very considerable. That is a part of the Worship which is believed to be appointed by God, and to be well-pleasing to him; and therefore that is necessary. These Foreigners beseech the Inhabitants, by the bowels of Humanity, that they would succour them Edition: current; Page: 40 with the necessaries of Life. Montpellier, Uz├Ęs, a town in this province, not far from Nmes, was wont to send every year a Protestant deputy to the assembly of the States here at Montpellier, the greatest part being Protestants, but they were forbid to do it this year. Will it be ever a jot the safer for me to joyn either unto the one or the other of those Churches, upon the Magistrates Command; because he commands nothing in Religion but by the Authority and Counsel of the Doctors of that Church? 13, etc.) and the jaugis amongst the Hindous talk of being illuminated Edition: current; Page: 179 and entirely united to God: Bernier 173 (i.e., Memoires, Tome 3, 8vo, London 1672).

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locke essay on toleration

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locke essay on toleration

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Till you therefore name some such other True Church and True Religion, besides that of England, your saying that God is the Party you write for, will rather shew that you make bold with his Name, than that you do not write for another Party. And he ought industriously to exhort all men, whether private Persons or Magistrates, (if any such there be in his Church) to Charity, Meekness, and Toleration; and diligently endeavour to allay and temper all that Heat and unreasonable Averseness of Mind, which either any mans. But this was not singly because they were Idolaters. Tis a Benefit to have true Knowledg and Philosophy imbraced and assented to, in any Civil Society or Government. And if the example of old Rome (where so many different opinions, gods, and ways of worship were promiscuously tolerated) be of any weight, we have reason to imagine that no religion can become suspected to the state of ill intention to it, till the.

locke essay on toleration

That persuaded Locke to temporarily put aside his work on An Essay Concerning Human Understanding and put forth his ideas on toleration.
The Essay Concerning Toleration was written in 1667, shortly after Locke joined th e household of Lord.
Milton and Philip Milton (eds The Clarendon Edition of the Works of John L ocke: An Essay Concerning Toleration: And Other Writings on Law and Politics.
Other articles where Essay on Toleration is discussed: history of Europe: The infl uence of Locke: this time Locke wrote the Essay on Toleration (1689).
And Philip Milton present the first critical edition of John Locke s Essay concerning Toleration and a number of other writings on law and.

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