Select data to view. No faults detected is displayed 2. All makes and models with detachable rubber hose Using The Scan Tool Replacement Parts are available from the manufacturer by contacting customer service. This function should be performed KOEO.

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For augoscanner troubleshooting and diagnostics, automotive scanners have been a good invention for DIY mechanics and professional technicians. In other words, the scanner can precisely recreate everything as it went down, even when it is not connected to the vehicle.

Record Data Waiting for trouble code to trigger Follow Instructions on the display.

Actron CP9185 Diagnostic Code Scanner Review

There is no “guess” work and no recalibration. Non-rechargeable Lithium Li battery can be used. Made slightly shorter than standard wrenches for acfron access to confined spaces. Troubleshooting Error Messages Check the following if an error message displays: Safety Precautions Battery acid is a highly corrosive sulfuric acid.

All their products are manufactured using the latest technology after series of countless hours in Researching, Testing, and Development.


If applicable, set octane switch to premium. What I like with the Actron CP Elite Auto Scanner, it is compatible with a wide range of motor vehicle brands hence if you have to change xp9185 car you will not have to change your code scanner.

This adapter cable is included with the Scan Tool.

A new update is available for the CP Elite Autoscanner.

The large easy to read display screen makes reading those diagnostic troubles codes easy and understandable. View and write down the DTCs. The capability it has will enable you to locate any problems with your vehicle and then quickly find a solution for it.

Achron test another switch.

This scanner is compatible with all vehicles and is upgradeable to domestic OBD I vehicle coverage. Here is a quick review of autoscanner product:.

Actron Elite AutoScanner CP9185 User Manual

Actuator Test Chrysler Diagnostics 3. There are several manufacturers of PocketScan Code Reader out there each promising optimum solution and performance for your vehicle, but how do you choose the right one?

Does it read airbag codes? Page Glossary Warm-up Cycle: It ensures that the data can be accessed off the engine. Some manuals may be available at your local dealer, auto parts stores autozcanner local public libraries.


Actron CP Elite Auto Code Scanner Review | What Auto Scanner

Page 13 Safety Precautions Risk of burns. Page Glossary EFI: Set Your Price Alert. Society of Automotive Engineers. Some vehicles in and were equipped with the EEC-V system. This screen also allows the graphical data to fit in perfectly and still can be seen clearly. It also presents the flow of data as a moving graph thereby allowing you to analyze it in detail. This means that the Actron CP Elite Auto Scanner can access data from the vehicle while it is still not yet turned on from its powered battery which is its power source.

CVNs are shown as hexadecimal numbers. USB cable included for product updates.