Now probe each of the phone connectors pins with the red probe until your meter beeps. Are you a Nokia Cell Phone Expert? Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! I love big hard drives…dig around enough and you can find the cruft of ages. RS uses a negative voltage for a logical 1 and a positive voltage for a logical 0. Apply power to the breadboard.

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IDEAS: USB-UART console using old nokia DKU-5 datacable. (v TTL)

Electronics — jethomson 5: Any other locations where the prog can be found? Any chance you could send the driver to me or post it somewhere? The first thing you have to do is go to […]. Hookup the TxD and RxD wires as shown in the schematic. I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. Feb 02, Nokia i Cellular Phone. I picked up a RS IR receiver many years ago and used it to control my computer via virtually any remote.

The device when attached to window7 it gets COM5 and recognized by windows…you can see the pictures in the following thread.

I think you can be fairly confident the pad labeled 2 is indeed DTR. A little probing worked out […].


This means the chip runs the previously uploaded program faster but it also results in a bit of a headache for those that are doing a manual reset upload.

Dec 19, Nokia Cellular Phone. I have no idea how you can figure out if your RxD pin is 5V tolerant. My arduino recognises both the sent values and garbage with LCD display….

Check out his blog too, he posts some cool stuff. To do this cut the cable a couple of inches 5 cm from the phone connector. The 10k and 15k resistors on the Tx pin form a voltage divider to reduce the 5V output to 3. Do not hook up your USB cable just yet. That is a very good tutorial!

I want dku 5 usb uart controller driver where wil i get it

Probing There are most likely several different manufacturers of these cables because the same model will have a different number and color of wires depending on who you buy it from. Nov 03, Cell Phones.

Unplug the USB cable. This may or may not cause a timing problem when uploading. The device configuration registers allow you to change settings like the VID, PID, serial number, and maximum power required i.


What a whining bunch they can be, huh? Please note that the section showing the bottom vku-5 the board was vertically flipped in GIMP to give a sort of X-ray vision effect.

For my cable pin 6 was white, pin 7 was blue, and pin 8 was black. The casing around the USB connector is not a solid piece but a two part shell. For more examples on how to setup your breadboard see the Links section.

If you try to exceed mA, bad things can happen. The shell can also be put ush together with little effort. Mar 21, Nokia i Cellular Phone. Make sure none of the other wires are touching one another!

DIY USB to Serial Cable For $3! | Jonathan Thomson’s web journal

The LED should blink a couple times. I looked into this, but my memory is a bit hazy on the details. I will request you to please fast scan the following thread and help us the David forum community.