The Stylus The stylus supplied with the are weird, no excuses, no denials they are weird. Once removed you have access to the inside of the machine allowing you to mount your 3G SIM card and the mAh 4. This 2-pack lets you get one for home and one for the office at a low price. This lightweight charger features a ruggedized mini USB cable which will plug into the device and charge it at home, work, or wherever you need to use your phone. Nevermind Submit My Request.

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O2 XDA Exec USB AC Adapter Wall Charger Two-Pack –

A waterproof, rugged walkie-talkie phone. RAM has the advantage of being fast, but the major disadvantage is that it needs a continual power supply to retain data. Photo – Captures standard still images. Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. The box when opened contained: Zip Yet another useful addition to the feature-set of the Exec.

The higher weight does serve to ensure that the sits well on the desk as most of the mass is under the keyboard which means you can tap on the screen with impunity, the is not going to tip over backwards unless you are tapping too hard. So is this machine as fantastic as is claimed? The Stylus The stylus supplied with the are weird, no excuses, no denials they are weird. The joy pad directions automatically change depending on the orientation of the screen clamshell or portrait which is pretty useful!


This range is about to be significantly boosted by the Xda Exec, which offers a number of firsts including Windows Mobile 5. Yes it is large, but in reality the size and weight are not issues.

Will take not more than a minute. Contacts Picture – Captures a still image and gives you the option uwb assign it to a Photo ID for a contact. This ensures that the screen can be rotated easily and yet once rotated ueb not easy to knock out of position.

MS have not yet turned this system on Email Setup – Custom O2 wizard which allows you to easily configure email O2 specific Enroller – For managing digital certificates. The standard application set WM 5.

One of the unique features of the is the ability for the machine to work in both clamshell and portrait orientations. Just below the keyboard are two rubber pillars which serve to ensure the screen does not strike the keyboard while the is closed or that the hinge is stressed too much by being udb too far closed.

This is one feature that users have been requesting for a long time and with the that request is met!

O2 XDA Exec

The latest mobile phone navigation software works with Nokia mobile phones as well as most other handsets, click here for more information. Modes Of Operation The primary mode of operation for the is probably that of a mini-laptop, that is in clamshell mode. Edec Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 3 1 2 3. Your feedback helps us provide you with better products!


O2 Xda Exec Review | ZDNet

In part most of the applications are those that are available as standard under Windows Mobile 5. There is an LED flash with this, but no mirror for framing pictures of yourself. The x VGA screen is the almost standard 3. I have a copy and I can email it to anyone who asks. Thankfully, the Xda Exec abandons the proprietary connector that required you to carry a converter to charge earlier Xda models while on the move.

Will revert after flashing. Software is provided that allows you to set up the Xda Esec as a 3G modem for use with a notebook PC, for example.

The new O2 Xda is also the first handheld device to incorporate the Windows Mobile 5. By creating an account, you can Monitor Order Status Print return labels Get easy access to your orders, products, drivers, and reviews.

I’m happy to exwc that these worries were groundless the central pivot around which the hinge turns feels pretty strong and seems well constructed.

The keyboard itself follows the standard QWERTY layout for the main alpha-numeric keys although some of the secondary keys such esec