This is quite useful for putting this type of player in the kids room or as a jukebox implementation. On the , the tiny tuner slips into a matchbox shaped hole on the unit above the fan. The does not have server software capable of allowing another unit to actively stream contents directly from it. The unit does contain a fan that cannot be disabled. While I have not had any experience with these two tuners sadly, neither DVBT nor DTV is being transmitted in my area , I am told that recording content is quite simple, albeit the unit does lack time based recordings.

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It also supports only a single entry point into your content library. On thethe tiny tuner slips into a matchbox shaped hole on the unit above the m-4100dh. Whole-house or Multi-zone Audio. However, the unit will not support video streaming, probably due to the low quality of such transmissions today.

The company should really address this, as while the unit is quite easy to use after some experience with it, a GUI overhaul is a long time coming. Everything Old is New Again.


One nice feature that the supports is that if you place a very specific file file name and image dimensions are criticalyou can change the background image. As the industry evolved, so did the TViX boxes. The units and introduces quite a few new features over the previous generation of players. That means you have to resort rvico tricks if your disk space runs out which does tend to happen a lot when FULL HD content is involved.


DViCO TViX HD MSH – Digital AV player at Backoffice

International users usually require subtitle file support. The graphical user interface is quite similar to that of the previous generation of TViX players. If, for some reason, you prefer not to rely on central storage like a server or a computer that will contain your contentand you have several units, this can be a very nice alternative. The FTP server is not the most stable in the world, each unit will have its own unique FTP password a product of its internal serial number or MAC addressbut this does let you distribute content from a central storage to remote units.

My receiver is incapable of decoding these two streams, which meant I was limited to stereo sound when watching such content. This is more than I can say for all of the computers I have around the house. Looking at W6RZ MPEG-2 HD test patterns, I can easily tell that the unit passes all bandwidth tests — showing that there is no drop off in image quality when compared to the original source. The unit can also de-interlace i content and output p.

Connecting a drive to the unit is simple and easy, but does require screwing a rail onto the side of the drive. This is one of the biggest benefits of the unit, and the latest beta firmware also supports 24p output over p as well! DViCO should really address this if they can, unless it is a hardware limitation of some kind.

Moreover, the company is quite active in introducing major new features via firmware updates. Reel-to-Reel Recorders — Is there a Resurgence?


Another skinning feature is the ability to turn a specific directory into a jukebox style player, with each file name accompanied by a small thumbnail image.

The supports the SMB simple message block file protocol. No matter how hard I try, a computer costing 3x the cost of this unit still refuses to play such content without stuttering. The equivalent Microsoft WMV site is also of interest, but usually lacks any updated content. Areas that need improvement on this unit are network streaming of heavy advanced-profile formats and the M-4100zh Interface.

DViCO TViX MSH review – Engadget

Such streamers are touted as a potential competition to the emerging media server market. The unit also supports automatic sensing of content that is m-100sh Hz vs.

NTFS format is supported, and with the latest beta software, I was able to play high bit rate I used VBR content up to 36 Mbps for the test mm-4100sh content with only an occasional blip or hang-up. It also supports a single file copying stream, but this is a nice feature.

British Home Theater and Hi-fi: Another missing feature is the ability to directly download firmware updates from the Internet. The result, a file ranging from GB will contain not just the movie, but will also dvick the menus and extras intact.