Supported applications include ApplixWare, OpenOffice. You should now be presented with an SQL prompt, from here, type connect. If this facility has been disabled, you’ll need to enter the data source name instead. On the ntbox server machine the data source description for the Microsoft Access database might consist of:. The Servers dialog box dialog box showing output from a successful connection to an OOB server. If you create a user DSN , only the root user will be able to access it because you logged in as root when you started your session.

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Oracle ODBC Driver

Other driver managers are available, but Easysoft believe unixODBC is demonstrably the most flexible and reliable open source solution. The connection string is displayed in full before the demo program attempts to connect using that connection string.

To create a data source that is available to any user who logs into this machine, select the System DSN tab. Alongside Previous Versions test. For instructions, see Installing obc-oracle Oracle Instant Client. AIP project file and a verbose log of the installation to support at I’ve built and tested your setup project on a Windows machine with Oracle 11g installed and the test ODBC.

The output identifies the test that failed and provides the reason for the failure. Is thread-safe and therefore safe to use behind multi-threaded applications. The dialog box uses the following tabs to organise data source attributes:. Other trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on easysoft.


The OutConnectionString is a string returned by the OOB Client which you can use to connect to this data source again and the final messages show the database name, DBMS name, driver name and driver version. Firstly, open the Microsoft Data Source Administrator:.

On a machine running X, log in as root. You configure a data source using the OOB Client in the same way that you configure a data source using any other ODBC driver, so many of the steps in this section are similar to those in Windows server setup. Licenses are permanent and support: In the Username and Password boxes, type the username and password to use to log in to the server on which the OOB Server is running if required.

In the TargetAuth box type easysoft. Thank you so much Easysoft SDK The Easysoft SDK is a comprehensive toolkit that provides developers with a consistent, flexible, eazysoft easysoft odbc-oracle easy development environment for the creation and easysoft odbc-oracle of custom ODBC drivers for your data source. The database itself may also be on this machine, although it can be located elsewhere.

After the install completes, exit out of the root user account.

Accessing Oracle® Database XE by using the Easysoft ODBC-Oracle Driver

Microsoft Access will retrieve a list of tables in the remote data source and display them in a window. Thank you so much for your continuous support. Easysoft licensing is simple. Click the System DSN tab to create a data source which is available to any user or service that logs into this machine.


Sign up for an Oracle Account Sign in. To do this, type.

The installation instructions are at the foot of the page. What can I do?

Note that the application is capable of passing any or all the attributes as part of the connection string for example, the user name and password attributes can be included to avoid storing them on the server machine. The Oracle client software provides the most comprehensive access to Oracle database functionality. CPTimeout defines the time in seconds that unused connections remain odbc-oraccle the pool before being dropped by the driver manager.

Even if you do not currently need the additional functionality provided by a client add-on, using the Easysoft ODBC-Oracle Driver gives you the option to add it later, should your requirements change.

Really hats off boss great job: This is used to define the number of sessions or connections that are created when the pool is created. After I installed the 64 bit driver, the 32 bit connection does not test OK and neither does the 64 bit connection.