Have a pen and a D size piece of paper ready for the test. The correct power cord will be necessary for the country of destination. Printing, Scanners, Vinyl cutting and Plotters. Solution This will require software that supports digitizing. If it runs, the communications parameters are fine and it will run correct HPGL. Why don’t you try to divide and conquer?

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Can the pen force be adjusted on any of the HP DraftPro series plotters?

Printing, Scanners, Vinyl cutting and Plotters. Please try again shortly. Solution Try changing the margins to expanded. The power option can be changed only by an authorized service personnel. The recommended speeds are:.

Changing the power on the plotter to take it to another country.

Hewlett Packard HP A Draftpro DXL Color Plotter Printer to Be | eBay

Here’s what I have: The time now is The correct power cord will be necessary for the country of darftpro. Get an autocad print file from a friend and send it to the plotter or download a trial version of a CAD package and output something from it.


Press rotate again and rotate will be turned off. I’ve been picking at the project for several months, and I’d like to either have some success, or some reason to junk this project because it’s hopeless.

Find the key combination in drxftpro manual. For example, take the actual dimensions of the media and subtract both plotter margins and approximately 0. Second there is a key combination that lets the plotter self-test.

Solution These products have since been discontinued:. It could be triggered by a communication or programming problem.

HP DraftPro, DraftPro DXL, and DraftPro EXL Plotters – Issues and Solutions

The software command to put the pen away is “SP0;”. I have a working DraftPro A.

Have a pen and a D size piece of paper ready for the test. Then you are down to the output of your chosen software. Using expanded margins can cause the pinch wheels to roll over where ink has been laid down on the 7575aa.


Solution HP DraftPro plotter.

The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. Press Enter to send the point to the computer.

Most software packages that support digitizing require that the plotter have a digitizing dzl loaded. Change rear-panel dip switch 8 from “0” to “1. Both options use the same installation slot and only one option can be installed at a time.

See the internet for this too. A drawing cannot be rotated more than 90 degrees. Solution The following pen and media combinations are supported. What happens if a specific type of pen is used in the wrong carousel? The pinch wheels may track the ink around the drawing. I hear a lot about vinyl cutting with plotters, for what purpose? First get the manual for the plotter off the internet.