We have never had gripes with products from this vendor, these products are of good quality. BioShock Infinite and Metro: So that you couldn’t determine memory access time and type during a brief survey of a card. What concerns Albatron, it offers a standard solution: Installation and Drivers Testbed configuration: We should mention the increased memory frequency, though it’s not that important for such cards.

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Even though 3D functions are not so popular in this price segment as in expensive accelerators, many readers still ask a question: What concerns the card itself, if its price is lower than that for the GS, why not? That will not happen for sure, 7300gss just a possibility.

Galaxy is also a well-known brand, though relatively new. So there is no point in dwelling on this issue: It will all be up to the price. Today we are going to examine four cards.

NVIDIA geforce 7300gs 256 MB BIOS

It sometimes resorts to outsourcing, that is it gv cards on third-party plants instead of manufacturing them on its own. It’s sad to see old sky-blue cards with interesting solutions go to the budget sector.

But everything is simple here: So they blend well with the above-mentioned situation. It will last seconds and then the demo should start 3DMark05 1.


Galaxy programmers are currently developing Galaxy Smart Panel – this utility will be responsible for monitoring and will allow to adjust some parameters.

GeForce GS/ GS/ GT Represented by Video Cards from Axle, Gigabyte, and Galaxy

By the way, you may also be in for a surprise – increased frequencies, while the manufacturer does not mention it in a product description. The Axle product comes shipped as OEM without a box. We can clearly see it in some 3DMark06 tests. Thank God that only one card is equipped with slower memory thus ino3d the overall potentialthe second card is actually overclocked.

Quality and reliability of this card are on a very high level but I’ll remind you that it’s a reference card; such cards are always of high quality. We all know that all gaming video cards are made in China. Nothing much, but it’s still a nice feature.

Inno3D GeForce 7300 GS graphics card – GF 7300 GS – 256 MB

Memory frequencies are reduced and there is no SLI mode, though it’s only a theoretical drawback. But it’s up to you to decide whether it’s important to you or not. But they are too wide, so the card may dangle in the box. Conclusions According to test results, the product from Palit is the leader, despite some blunders in 3D.


It’s a Low Profile card even without it, a good point for fashionable reduction of PC case dimensions barebone-kits, etc. Chronicles of Riddick, demo 44 Nino3d tests that heavily load shader units 3DMark The design is also in company’s style, it’s even too pretty for such a cheap product. A nice box – a glossy jacket with a cardboard box inside. BioShock Infinite and Metro: The tests were carried out with maximum quality, option -dxlevel 90, presets for video card types are removed from dxsupport.

DriverMax – Display Adapters – Inno3D – Inno3D GeForce GS Computer Driver Updates

Good 2D quality – 73000gs to x, 75Hz. Moreover, it’s getting increasingly important. But they are fragile and the card may still dangle inside the package, though its dimensions are not large.

It’s a standard box from Palit, which we have already seen.

Traditional Albatron design with a girl on the front side of a small box. We have never had gripes with products from this vendor, these products are of good quality.