This machine is so precise, you can cut tiny detailed designs only millimeters thick without any tearing or rough edges. There are also contact paper or iron-on freezer paper designed for this purpose. If I used the software and designed the pattern, could I then cut my material on its fold or would it have to be a single layer? The mat must be manually fed into the machine before you start. I am so happy to be back up and running….

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Please note that these dates are based off regular FedEx ground. One of the biggest downsides to the machine is the learning curve, particularly with adjusting the blade and learning the Make The Cut software.

If you have a question about cutting a material, they will even offer to cut the material for you before you even purchase the machine, and even record a video of it. KNK support is second to none. So I did this, but now my cutter cartridge appears to be bent.

KNK Zing Air Review – Personal Die Cutting

You can experiment with ballpoint pens, glitter pens, pencils, permanent markers, and more. Trying to make a wise decision. The Print and Cut feature cuts designs without leaving any unwanted edges. I have a Silhouette and a Cricut air. Connect by Bluetooth or USB.


KNK Zing Air

Expedited shipping options are It is greatly appreciated! I want to be able to include my thoughts on totes, tee-shirts etc.

They are both color coated to zinv them apart. The KNK Zing Air is a versatile machine, being able to not only cut a wide range of materials, but be able to draw, emboss, and engrave.

Nicole November 23, at 7: Thank you so much for such great products and nice people! You do have a lot of control over the KNK Zing, but with more control comes more learning. The Zing Air has been replaced with the Zing Orbit Click here to learn about the KNK Zing Orbit When comparing the price of the KNK Zing to cartridge based machines, you will find that the cartridges and machine will quickly add up to more zingg our heavy-duty cutting system.

Below is a map of the US and the following dates for each xing area. You simply turn it to increase or decrease the depth. They answer emails, phone calls, and reply to message boards. Thank you Sandy for all you kbk doing to help me.


No need to waste money on cartridges. Our software driven machine allows for design flexibility, image sizing, scanning and altering existing files. I truly cant say enough about this machine.

If your on knkk fence about ordering it you should not be its awesome. We just received an update from our logistics team and the shipment will be released today. Pin It on Pinterest. Would this machine help with that. Comes with over 10, free files! Some other machines require you to purchase specific pens and markers, but not the Zing. The Zing Air is being replaced by the Zing Orbit!

The precision of this machine is outstanding. The user has more control over the machine. If you wish to stop cutting, you have to flip the power switch. I set it up on windows 8 and Bluetooth hooked up right away and worked perfectly.