I tried the backup and restore function last night. The Magellan Roadmate By: I spent a WHILE on the phone with a very nice lady from tech support that took a long while to figure out that I already had the unit turned on and plugged in…. For instance , i want to head to my home, i have my home address saved and than i went and toggle on calculate road, on the 3d map display i just have proceed to raod and this continue during all the itenaries, howver when you go and press proceed to road i have the maouevre list BUT on the 3d map display no voice instruction neither signs mentionning a turn to the righ or to to the left, has anyone encountered this pb? The Magellan RoadMate is advanced vehicle navigation that is pocket-sized and remarkably affordable. Pick a spot where it does not block your vision of the road and provides good access to the unit. Press and hold to set a Go To route to a location indicated by the panning cursor.

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Magellan RoadMate Drivers: The left side pictured above has a data card slot, a reset switch, and a hold button, which allows you to temporarily disable the touch screen during a magellann. Sam – December 12th, It works, but not perfect for locating I bought this unit for only at work.

There is no reason these road should not be on this unit.


Kathleen – July 11th, Have you tried to reset it? Bought a Roadmate a couple months ago thinking Magellan does updates on maps recall something on the box alluded to such. The sound is good enough for the job.


It might be a hit or miss thing. Well, if you ask me, or it seems just about anyone, it seems to be from about It is possible to mount it onto or into your dashboard, but I decided against it since there is not much free space in my car’s central console. Maintaining updated Magellan RoadMate software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance. You may also select “Re-Route” if you would like to add roasmate Point of Interest or take another path to your destination.

They could not comment when the patch will be available. I was trying to find a highway to go back home I was near or at Brough Park but Susan had me going in circles. List of General Features.

Version displays information about the firmware version, application versions and map versions. Speedometer Screen This screen displays your current speed, your maximum speed and two odometers in a large easy-to-read type.

Kham – November 24th, Have you tried to reset it? We have a RoadMate in our other car which has never given us this or any other problem except that the maps are missing some of the newer highways and updates have never been made available.


The turn-by-turn directions were precise and for a basic GPS unit seems to be quite good. Tim Thank you so much for getting back to me, even during this black Friday weekend craze. Basemaps contain limited places to select from. You can add intermediate points you want to force on the route as additional destinations.

I have a Magellan Roadmate Eric – December 18th, DebbieC – June 10th, My wife bought me the last year before the big family vacation. Buttons Buttons While viewing the map screen the keys on the Magellan Triton provide additional input and feature access.

I think it is caused by using WindowsCE as the base operation system.

User Profiles You can set user profiles for various operations of the Magellan Triton that can be loaded easily. In the case of some intersections, if you are staying on the same highway the unit might not verbally tell you which way to go.

Magellan RoadMate 2000

Scott – June 11th, How is the Gold Competency Level Attained? I like the Roadmate, not a whole lot of extras thay I would not use.

DebbieC – June roarmate,